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1.Muscle Recovery Massage Gun – A faster recovery means better athletic performance. Enhance and expedite muscle recovery with OLIECO’s massage gun. Relieve muscle pains by breaking down knots and increase blood flow to your muscles. End fatigue by releasing and ridding your body of lactic acid and other toxins. Deliver, replenish oxygen and nutrients in your muscles for a quicker recovery

2. 4 Massage Adapters to Target All Muscles & 6 Variable Speeds – Included with the OLIECO massage gun are 4 massage heads to target all muscle groups. Bullet adapter to target a specific muscle; Fork adapter to indirectly target and work around a muscle; Ball adapter to target large muscles; Flat adapter to target dense muscles. Adjust the intensity of your massage according to your preference of frequency and torque with 6 variable speeds

3. Ergonomic Light-Weight Design – The ergonomic aluminum metal alloy body ensures that the Massage Gun is not only lightweight but also durable. The cylinder grip is soft and easy on the hands, but also firm to ensure you have full control of the frequency and intensity of your muscle therapy

4. High Torque, High Frequency, Low Decibel Motor & Better Battery Capacity – The Massage Gun is equipped with a powerful and silent motor for a quiet yet intense massage. It is quieter compared to competitors’ 60+ decibels. massage gun is equipped with a 2800mAh, 24v lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will keep massaging more than 3 hours

Battery instructions:

The battery is exhausted and needs to be charged for about 3 hours, and it can be used for several hours, when the battery is charging , the indication light is red and the green light is on when the battery is fully charged. It is forbidden to start for your safe charging.

Package Include:

1 x Muscle Massage Therapy Guns

4 x Interchangeable head attachments

1 x User Manual

1 x Charger
Massage Gun 6 Speed Silver

Six Speed

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